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I started rewriting this article in hopes of getting the "poor writing" tag off the top of it, and got as far as Configuration. A lot of this is actually documented fairly well in the Gitosis README.

Personally, I'm not convinced by the long-running FreeMonkey example. It's cute, but I think I'd come to the wikipage looking for "How do I add a new repository?" instead of wanting to read the entire narrative. So we might want to split the configuration section up into simple, clearly labeled examples:

  • Add and remove a repo
  • Add and remove a user
  • Using git-daemon or git-web (these are documented in the README)
  • Mention of the /usr/share/doc/gitosis/example.conf

We could probably stand to take out the non-standard path and port instructions. Syntax for connecting to a non-standard port with Git is in man git-clone, and setting up a non-standard sshd port is mentioned in Secure Shell. Installing to a non-standard path (at least, moving the /srv/gitosis location) is a one-line change in the install file, and handling a non-standard Python install path should be dealt with elsewhere if at all.

If anyone wants to run with this, go right ahead!

-- DJPohly 23:26, 4 October 2011 (EDT)