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First: problems with Microsoft office on crossover:

-Office 2010 32 bit installs, but has problems: instant crashes without error information on accessing layouting-options or page preview / print dialogue in word. Hardware acceleration is off. Excel seems to work at first sight. -Office 2013 32 bit does not install (abort at 18% progress with error code 30094-4)

Both problems are new to me. On other machines and os (Kubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 16.04) there were no such issues. My installation is standard with automatic installation of amdgpu, mesa and the kernel.

Second: a usb-c-hub (powered with hdmi) leads to freeze and sometimes reboot. I do not have other hardware to exclude a specific issue with the hub on linux.

I could live with the second problem, but the first is nasty in everyday usage. Any help appreciated!

EDIT: usb-c-hub issue confirmed with different hub. Office 2010 now runs: The dependancies of crossover did not seem to be complete. After installation of playonlinux and several wine packages, office 2010 does work with minor instabilities and glitches.

S-elch (talk) 14:05, 18 June 2020 (UTC)

I have an issue with systemd XbootLDR on this laptop. It seems like when this laptop turns on from a cold state, it will not read the extended partition. I imagine this is some sort fastboot, but I have not seen a bios setting or something online to disable it. If I use F12 on boot it will read the partition fine, it's only on first boot. I am currently making an efi bootable to store on the ESP to boot just by clicking the power button.

Thegreatzach (talk)

USB-C display

I had no trouble with a USB-C dock with DP-to-HDMI on this laptop. It just worked immediately, both USB hub and HDMI port (with a converter built into the dock), seen as DP-0 output. 4k@30Hz works perfectly (60 Hz is unavailable since I connected a TV via HDMI adapter, not native DisplayPort). This dock is not DisplayLink-based, just DP altmode and a USB hub + type c for charger (should work, but I haven't verified). Try updating the BIOS, since it is the most likely cause of the problem.

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