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False statements, lack of information

Reiser4 on Linux has never implemented ACL support and the article is as of Linux-5.x both filled with false information in regards to ACL but also lack valuable information like features, current plugins, outdated benchmarks, the different mount and mkfs options, reiser4 utilities and workarounds for systemD features like ACL support enabled by default in systemd-journald and in general more information about the history and development of Reiser4 like the new and recently added support for different transaction models, inline checksumming, compression algorithms, precise discard support for SSDs, as well as the initial unique design approach like the dancing tree model, wandering logs, it's B*tree foundation, the current state of the filesystem's pros and cons and the new git repository maintained by Edward Shishkin.

DELL-Petter (talk) 20:21, 15 April 2019 (UTC)