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Merge proposal for the /etc/iptables/ip6tables.rules example file made by user:NetSysFire

the Yggdrasil usage is meant to allow fast setup. Firewalls are really too complex for almost all Linux users to write. The idea that you could refer to the various firewall pages misses that point entirely, I have frankly no clue what the lines do, nor do I care :-) Its like programming code to most. Ok, I can copy/paste it, but don't send me to a programming manual please! I do not believe that referring people to the firewalls category, or even the iptables / nftables pages directly, is going to accomplish the goal any product page sets out to accomplish: copy/paste config files that get users started quickly. TomCat (talk) 21:41, 13 July 2021 (UTC)