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Please do not experiment with this template; you could ruin all pages using this template. If you want to edit this template, copy the text to Template:Sandbox, edit and test it there, and copy it back when it works.

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Template to center the text inside table cell. The template was copied from Wikipedia:Template:Center.

Note: If most table cells should be centered, do not wrap every cell with this template and instead add style="text-align: center;" after the table class (you can then left align cells using Template:L).

See also Help:Template#Table cell templates.


{| class="wikitable"
! Long title text 1 !! Long title text 2 !! Long title text 3
| rowspan="2" {{C|Centered}} || colspan="2" {{C|Centered}}
| {{C|Centered}} || Regular


Long title text 1 Long title text 2 Long title text 3
Centered Centered
Centered Regular