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See Wikipedia:Template:Committed identity.


{{Committed identity|hash|hash function(optional)|article(optional)}}

Default hash function is SHA-512.


{{Committed identity|5305c8b867a95b7486429ae4cfce574c6ce00c95b559d6487ab0ddc71088262a0d2f6f02d8b8a5dbc3e05bc091e2a4f0cb9fc79991a58bda2f16b553a0d2f7a1}}
Committed identity: 5305c8b867a95b7486429ae4cfce574c6ce00c95b559d6487ab0ddc71088262a0d2f6f02d8b8a5dbc3e05bc091e2a4f0cb9fc79991a58bda2f16b553a0d2f7a1 is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.
{{Committed identity|b5bb9d8014a0f9b1d61e21e796d78dccdf1352f23cd32812f4850b878ae4944c|[[Wikipedia:SHA-256|]]}}
Committed identity: b5bb9d8014a0f9b1d61e21e796d78dccdf1352f23cd32812f4850b878ae4944c is a SHA-256 commitment to this user's real-life identity.