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Languages: English (fluent), very very slowly learning Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Python, and Bash
Timezone: America/Chicago1
IRC: abdulhakeem or mon0theist at freenode, although usually the only time I pay attention to IRC is if I'm trying to actively troubleshoot somethin
Official Titles: N/A
Unofficial Titles: Servant of Allah, Thinkpad Fanboy
Things I do in the ArchWiki: Contribute something useful or helpful, on the rare opportunity that I'm actually able to do so.
Other appearances: Sometimes I'm in the Arch IRC channels, but most of the time I'm on the Arch Linux subreddit and Ruqqus guild.

Pages I Created

  • None (yet)

Pages I (try to) Maintain

  • None (yet)

Pages I occasionally contribute to

It's rare that I A) have something worthy of contributing, and B) hasn't already been contributed, but I'm more than happy to contribute to the Wiki whenever I am able to do so. Mostly just minor edits so far.

If, for some strange reason, you really want to know more, just look at my Contributions page.


  • N/A


I can't imagine why anyone on the Arch Wiki would ever need to contact me