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What is CEMU?

Cemu is a Windows Experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on a PC. Although there is no Linux port, it does run on wine, and even is in the AUR.

How to install?

cemuAUR is in the AUR, but this page is going to assume you used lutris to install it.

Lutris Install & Settings

First, download CEMU (1.22 as of writing) from the official site. Unpack it, and call it "CEMU" (it's just for this guilde, you don't actually have to). Enter lutris, and make a new game - Select wine as the runner and use the default lutris wine (5.7 as of writing). Go to configure -> game options -> Prefix Architectures -> and change to 64-bit. go to Runner options -> and Enable DXVK/VKD3D & Esync.

System options -> keys:

vblank_mode -> 0 WINESYNC -> 1

nVidia Cards


AMD Cards

R600_DEBUG -> nohyperz mesa_glthread -> true

Wine Settings

In Lutris, click "CEMU", and next to the wine icon, click "wine configuration" -> "libraries" -> New Override Libararies -> add the following:

  • keystone.dll
  • dbghelp.dll

You have CEMU installed!

CEMU Settings


  • General Settings -> Graphics -> Vulkan (For AMD) / OpenGL (for nVidia). Also enable VSync -> Tripple Buffering, and Precompiled Shaders, and Async Shader Compiler.
  • RigRight-click on your game -> game profile -> Thread quantom -> max.
  • (BOTW) Graphics Packs -> Install Latest Graphics Packs -> Enable FPS++.
  • Install Graphics Packs -> Workarounds -> Enable ALL graphics API settings unless they don't match your GPU, depending on which you use.
  • Right-click on your game -> Game Profile -> CPU Mode -> Multi-Core recompiler (This may cause crashes).

To fix known Linux bugs:

  • Right-click on your game -> Game Profile -> CPU Mode -> Single-Core recompiler. This fixes known crashing issues, for example in BOTW.
  • Debug -> use Cemuhook H265. This fixes issues, where cinematics are plain green, appears in BOTW.

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