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This page documents my experience installing and configuring the current release, ARCH_2010_05 on MacBook Pro Aluminum body (version 6,2) in a dual-boot configuration with OS X.


Disk Configuration with Parted

You need to resize the OS X partition with the BootCamp utilities.

Install reFIt.

You cannot use cfdisk to partition the drive. You must parted.

parted /dev/sda

Delete every parititon beyond the EFI system partition (1), the HFS+ parition for OS X (2), if any exist. So for each partition n above these two, running the following command.

rm n

So, in my case, for some reason, I deleted two empty fat32 partitions.

Now, create the /boot partition. This cannot be part of the LVM with contemporary versions of grub. Create a partition with the correct offsets. In my case, this was:

mkpart primary ext2 27054 27158

Then, activate the bootable flag so you can boot from that partition.

set 3 boot on

Then, create the LVM partitition.

mkpart primary ext4

Then, you need to set it LVM partition flag.

set 4 lvm on

All in all, it looked something like this for me. Keep in mind this is very contextual, and you should not use my commands identically unless you know what you are doing.

Configure the LVM

This is it for now.

pvcreate /dev/sda4 vgcreate VolGroup00 /devsda4