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This is a list games packaged for Arch Linux which run natively without compatability layers or emulators.

  • Name: Name of the game which links to game's official site.
  • Year: The year when a publicly playable version was first released on any PC platform. Doesn't matter if it was paid or free, or called Alpha or Beta.
  • License: The license under which game data is distributed.
    • GPL/BSD/Apache/CC*/MIT/ZLIB
    • Freeware
    • Commercial
    • Demo
  • Description: Short description of the game.


Action Adventure

Name Package Year License Description
Brütal Legend brutallegendAUR 2013 Commercial An epic rock-adventure with RTS elements
Construder construder-gitAUR 2010 AGPL 3D game with dynamic world built from small cubes, inspired by Minecraft and Infiniminer
Costume Quest costume-quest-hibAUR 2010 Commercial Halloween themed 3D action adventure
Craft craft-fogleman-gitAUR 2013 MIT A Minecraft clone with multiplayer support
Cubit cubit-gitAUR 2011 GPL Walk around in a world that consists only of cubes


Name Package Year License Description
2299: Episode 1 2299thegameAUR 2012 GLL An old-school, point and click adventure game with 8-bit graphics
Botanicula botaniculaAUR 2011 Commercial A point'n'click exploration game
Broken Sword brokensword-hibAUR 2009 Commercial A 2009 remake of classic point-and-click adventure The Shadow of the Templars
The Curse of Monkey Island comi-enAUR 1998 Commercial Iconic point-and-click adventure with combat and puzzle solving
Dead Cyborg Episode 1 dead-cyborg-episode1AUR 2010 Freeware Oldskool sci-fi first person adventure
Dead Cyborg Episode 2 dead-cyborg-episode2AUR 2010 Freeware Oldskool sci-fi first person adventure
Draci Historie draci-historie-enAUR 1995 GPL2 First Czech 2D point-and-click adventure game
Drascula drasculaAUR 2001 Freeware Classic comical 2D point and click adventure
Dreamweb dreamwebAUR 1992 Freeware Top-down adventure game set in gritty futuristic dystopian city
Enviro-Bear 2000 envirobear2000AUR 2009 Freeware Play as a bear driving a car and preparing for winter

Text Based

Name Package Year License Description
Adv770 adv770AUR 2007 unknown 770 points version of Adventure
Clan Mystery clmystery-gitAUR 2014 None A command-line murder mystery
dopewars dopewars 2000 GPL Drug dealing game set in New York


Arcade (other)

Name Package Year License Description
Afternoon Stalker afternoonstalkerAUR 2007 GPL A clone of the 1981 Intellivision game Night Stalker
555-BOOM! 555-boomAUR 2009 GPL A Puzzle Game and Electromechanical Sandbox
Amoebax amoebaxAUR 2007 GPL A cute and addictive action-puzzle game
Angry Animals angryanimalsAUR 2011 Freeware Angry Birds clone
Angry, Drunken Dwarves angryddAUR 2006 GPL custom A classic falling blocks puzzle game
Anigma anigma-gitAUR 2007 BSD A colourful arcade logic game - also known as puzz-le
Ambassador of Pain aopAUR 2004 GPL2 A curses-based arcade game in only 64 lines of C code
Armagetronad Advanced armagetronad-svnAUR 2011 GPL A Tron Clone in 3D
asciijump asciijumpAUR 2003 GPL An ASCII-art game about ski jumping
A Slower Speed of Light assolAUR 2012 Freeware A special relativity's effects simulation
Asteroid asteroidAUR 2011 GPL3 Modern version of the arcade classic Asteroids
Avoision avoisionAUR 2010 GPL A high-speed, simple, arcade-style game
Balloons balloonsAUR 2009 GPL Tile based platform puzzle game bashnibblesAUR 2004 MIT A bash implementation of the classic Nibbles game
Battalion 2004 battalion2004AUR 2011 Freeware Game in which you are a rampaging monster and destroy the city
Battalion battalionAUR 1994 Freeware Game in which you are a rampaging monster and destroy the city
BattleJump battlejumpAUR 2009 CC-BY-NC-SA 3D arcade game inspired by Monster Farm Jump
Black Penguin blackpenguinAUR 2001 GPL An arcade style jump-on-cubes game with Penguin and Evil Window
Bloqus bloqusAUR 2009 CeCILL 2 Place polyominos on a grid, clone of Blokus
BSD games bsd-games 2003 BSD Collection of BSD command line games
Bub & Bros bubbrosAUR 2003 MIT Bubble Bobble clone for up to 10 players
Burgerspace burgerspaceAUR 2006 GPL Clone of 1982 game BurgerTime
Ceferino ceferinoAUR 2009 GPL Destroy bouncing balloons with your grapnel, clone of Super-Pang
CG Madness cgmadnessAUR 2009 GPL2 Platform game about guiding an onscreen marble, clone of Marble Madness
Chickennix chickennixAUR 2008 GPL A 2-D shoot'em up game
Click-o-Square clickosquareAUR 2004 BSD Mind developing game
Digger diggerAUR 1999 GPL Remastered clone of Digger with additional features
Divide and Succeed divideandsucceedAUR 2011 GPL Polygon slicing game into right number of equal parts
Donkey-Me donkey-meAUR 2013 Freeware Donkey Kong clone
Donkey-Me: The Lost Ark donkeyme-the-lost-arkAUR 2013 Freeware Donkey Kong clone with graphics ispired from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
e_cho e_cho-gitAUR 2010 LGPL3 Game based on Simon Says
e_jeweled e_jeweled-gitAUR 2013 unknown Clone of Bejeweled
EMPCommand empcommand-svnAUR 2012 GPL3 Multitouch version of Missile Command
Ensemblist ensemblistAUR 2003 GPL Solid geometry construction game


Name Package Year License Description
2048 2048-gitAUR 2014 MIT Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!
2048 Qt version 2048-qtAUR 2014 MIT The 2048 number game implemented in Qt
2048 console version 2048.cAUR 2014 MIT Console version of the game 2048 written in C
bash2048 bash2048.gitAUR 2014 Unlicense Bash implementation of 2048 game


Name Package Year License Description
Battleships battleshipsAUR 2010 GPL A simple multiplayer battleships game
bs bsAUR 2003 GPL2 Classic text-based game of Battleships against the computer


Name Package Year License Description
AR Breakout ar-breakoutAUR 2007 LGPL An augmented reality breakout clone
Boing boingAUR 2001 custom Breakout game with sound
Briquolo briquoloAUR 2005 GPL An addictive block game
Centripetal centripetal-gitAUR 2012 MIT Multitouch breakout game
Circus Linux circuslinuxAUR 2000 GPL Clone of Circus Atari
Deflectouch deflectouch-gitAUR 2012 GPL3 Multitouch tank game


Name Package Year License Description
bomberclone bomberclone 2003 GPL Clone of the game AtomicBomberMan
bombermaaan bombermaaanAUR 2007 GPL3 A classic Bomberman-like game with multiplayer support
bombic bombicAUR 2005 GPL A Czech bomberman-like game
ClanBomber 2 clanbomber2AUR 2008 GPL Bomberman clone
ClanBomber clanbomberAUR 2009 GPL Fork of ClanBomber
Dstroy dstroyAUR 2006 Freeware Bomberman-like game
Dynamite Jack dynamitejackAUR 2012 Commercial 2D stealth bomber game, inspired by bomberman


Name Package Year License Description
Airstrike airstrikeAUR 2007 GPL 2d biplane dogfight game
Apricots apricots 2003 GPL A simple 2D flying/bombing game similar to basic side scrollers
cave9 cave9AUR 2007 LGPL3 custom 3D gravity cave-exploration game based on the classic SFCave
CRRCSim crrcsimAUR 2003 GPL Remote controlled airplane flight simulation program
Defendguin defendguinAUR 2000 GPL Arcade oldschool fly and shot game


Name Package Year License Description
Ahorcapy ahorcapyAUR 2012 GPL3 A Hangman game version


Name Package Year License Description
Concentration concentrationAUR 2008 GPL A classical memory game
Dragon Memory dragonmemoryAUR 2011 GPL Simple and fun memory game
econcentration econcentration-gitAUR 2010 GPL Game to improve you concentration and memory


Name Package Year License Description
Bombz bombz-gtkAUR 2008 GPL3 A Minesweeper-like game
Elemines elemines-gitAUR 2013 BSD Minesweeper clone


Name Package Year License Description
3D Pong 3dpongAUR 2002 GPL 1 or 2 player, 3D sports game, based on Pong


Name Package Year License Description
BeastieWorker beastieworkerAUR 2007 GPL A 3D sokoban-like game featuring Beastie
Berusky beruskyAUR 2007 GPL A logic game based on the puzzle game Sokoban
Berusky II berusky2AUR 2011 GPL A logic game based on the puzzle game Sokoban
Biloba bilobaAUR 2005 GPL An abstract strategy game for 1 to 4 players
Biniax 2 biniax2AUR 2007 Commercial An innovative puzzle game with unique gameplay and a bright, colorful interface
Block Dude blockdudeAUR 2008 GPL A challenging puzzle game. The goal is to reach the door of each level
Blockling blocklingAUR 2010 GPL3 A puzzle game involving moving and stacking blocks with 8-bit graphics and sounds
Bobby bobbyAUR 2012 Commercial Puzzle game
Antichamber antichamberAUR 2012 Commercial A mind-bending psychological exploration game where nothing can be taken for granted
ASCIIpOrtal asciiportalAUR 2009 MIT Text based puzzle game inspired by Portal
A Virus Named TOM avirusnamedtom-hibAUR 2011 Commercial A fast-paced action-puzzler
Brain Party brainpartyAUR 2010 GPL3 36 puzzle games for all the family
Brain Workshop brainworkshopAUR 2008 GPL Clone of Dual N-Back mental exercise
Bricker brickerAUR 2009 GPL3 A puzzle type game using a block of bricks as the main character
Brickshooter brickshooterAUR 2011 GPL A small puzzle game
Bubble Chains bubble-chainsAUR 2010 GPL3 2D arcade-puzzle game
Cavez of Phear cavez-of-phearAUR 2003 GPL Boulder Dash like game for terminals
cgames cgamesAUR 2000 GPL2 csokoban (sokoban), cmines (minesweeper) and cblocks (sliding-block puzzles)
Chocolate Castle chocolate-castleAUR 2007 Commercial Tricky sliding block puzzle game
Chroma chromaAUR 2010 GPL Abstract puzzle game
Codebreak codebreakAUR 2009 GPL3 A minimalistic CLI logic game
Cogs cogsAUR 2009 Commercial A steampunk puzzle game about building machines
Color Lines color-linesAUR 2010 GPL Classic game with bonus features
ColorCode colorcodeAUR 2009 GPL3 Advanced clone of MasterMind
Connectagram connectagramAUR 2009 GPL3 A word unscrambling game
CoolDown cooldown-svnAUR 2010 GPL Casual game where you need to use both your mind and your reflexes
Octaspire Crates cratesAUR 2010 GPL Challenging and fun three dimensional puzzle game
Crayon Physics Deluxe crayonphysicsdeluxeAUR 2008 Commercial 2D drawing physics puzzle sandbox
Cretan Hubris cretan-hubrisAUR 2012 GPL Arcade game with infinite maze and a red wave of insta-killing wrath
Crossword Puzzle crosswordpuzzleAUR 2007 GPL3 Crossword puzzle game and editor
Cube Escape cube-escapeAUR 2009 GPL Progress over a maze etched on the surface of a cube
Cube Simulator cube-sim-gitAUR 2013 GPL2 Rubik's Cube puzzle simulator
Cubosphere cubosphereAUR 2010 GPL 3D puzzle similar to Kula WorldRoll Away
CuteMaze cutemazeAUR 2008 GPL3 Top-down maze game
Dinothawr dinothawrAUR 2013 Freeware Block pushing puzzle game on slippery surfaces
Duck Marines duckmarines-gitAUR 2013 ZLIB CCPL Multiplayer puzzle game, remake of ChuChu Rocket for Dreamcast
Eets Munchies eetsmunchies-hibAUR 2012 Commercial Family-friendly puzzle game
Einstein Puzzle einsteinAUR 2005 GPL Remake of DOS game Sherlock
Elephants elephantsAUR 2007 Freeware Save the giraffes while jumping on a rolled up squirrel
Eliot eliotAUR 2011 GPL Scrabble game with 3 modes - standard, duplicate and training
English Country Tune englishcountrytune-hibAUR 2011 Commercial 3D geometric puzzler
Enigma enigma 2000 Freeware ASCII falling blocks puzzle game
Enigma (SDL) enigma_sdlAUR 2002 GPL Puzzle game inspired by Oxyd and Rock'n'Roll
Entombed entombedAUR 2002 GPL One or two-player maze

Physics sandbox

Name Package Year License Description
Escape from Booty Bay efbb-gitAUR 1998 CC-BY-NC-SA Physics game
Caph caph 2010 GPL Physics based sandbox game

Space Invaders

Name Package Year License Description
Arkanoid: Space Ball arkanoidsbAUR 2006 Commercial Space invaders clone
Ascii Invaders ascii-invadersAUR 2003 GPL2 Clone of Space Invaders for text-terminals
Classic Invaders classic_invadersAUR 2009 BSD A classic alien space shooter


Name Package Year License Description
A7Xpg a7xpgAUR 2006 Commercial Addictive game about collecting gold and avoid the enemies with your ship
Alien Blaster alienblasterAUR 2004 GPL Action-loaded 2D arcade shooter game
AstroMenace (German) astromenace-deAUR 2006 GPL3 Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities (German)
AstroMenace (Russian) astromenace-ruAUR 2006 GPL3 Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities (Russian)
Barrage barrage 2003 GPL A violent point-and-click shooting game with nice effects
Beat Hazard Ultra beathazardultraAUR 2009 Commercial Intense music-driven arcade shooter powered by your music
Bitfighter bitfighterAUR 2008 GPL A fast-paced team-based outer-space multi-player combat game
Bullet Candy Perfect bulletcandyperfect-demoAUR 2010 Commercial Fun shoot-em-up game with sharp 3D graphics and techno soundtrack
Critical Mass critter 2001 GPL Space shoot'em up
Dangen dangenAUR 2007 custom A shoot 'em up game where accurate shooting matters
Eden's Aegis edensaegisAUR 2008 CC-BY-ND Bullet hell shooter


Name Package Year License Description
Bastard Operator from Hell: Servers Under Siege bofhAUR 2007 BSD Top view shooter with a retro computing feeling
BOH bohAUR 2011 Commercial Claustrophobic retro style top-down shooter
Battle Tanks btanks 2008 GPL Fast 2D tank game with multiplayer and split-screen modes
Carnage Contest carnagecontestAUR 2007 Freeware 2D turn based multiplayer shooter with fully destructible terrain
Catacomb Snatch catacomb-snatchAUR 2012 Freeware Real-time strategy shoot'em up with a steampunk ancient Egypt theme
Cdogs cdogsAUR 2006 GPL2 Classic overhead run-and-gun game, clone of Cyberdogs 2
Close Quarters closequarters-gitAUR 2013 GPL3 2D top view zombie shooter game in cramped coridors
Counter Strike 2D counter-strike-2dAUR 2004 Freeware More than just a freeware clone of the well known game Counter-Strike
Diamond Fighters diamond-fightersAUR 2008 GPL2 2D tank game inspired by Battle City
Diaspora: Shattered Armistice diaspora-saAUR 2012 CCPL fs2_open Single and multiplayer space fighter set in the Battlestar Galactica universe
Doom2D: Rembo doom2d-rembo-hgAUR 1996 GPL Doom 2D russian arcade game
Droid Assault droidassault-hibAUR 2008 Commercial Unique tactical arcade shooter
Enemy Lines 5 enemylines5AUR 2006 GPL Spaceship dogfight game with 3D graphics and 2D gameplay


Name Package Year License Description
BiteFusion bitefusionAUR 2006 GPL A snake game with 8 levels
DeadlyCobra deadlycobraAUR 2002 GPL Clone of Nibbles


Name Package Year License Description
Too Hard For You 2h4uAUR 2006 GPL A mix between a Tetris-like game and a wall breaker
4DTris 4dtrisAUR 2008 GPL A tetris game extended to 4 dimensions
Alizarin Tetris atrisAUR 2006 GPL A tetris clone with a lot of cool features
Bastet bastetAUR 2004 GPL3 Tetris clone with 'bastard' block-choosing AI
Blocka Attack block-attackAUR 2006 GPL2 Clone of Tetris Attack
Blockout 2 blockout2AUR 2007 GPL 3D tetris, clone of BlockOut DOS game
Blokish blokishAUR 2009 GPL A clone of the Blokus game, with a rudimentary AI built in, and supports 4 player games
Crack Attack crack-attack-soundsAUR 2005 Freeware Clone of Tetris Attack
ctris ctrisAUR 2005 GPL ASCII colored tetris clone
Cultris 2 cultris2AUR 2011 GPL Fastest Tetris clone ever
Cuyo cuyo 2001 GPL Tetris-style puzzle game for up to two players with a twist
CXHextris cxhextrisAUR 1998 GPL XTetris-like game with hexagons instead of squares


Name Package Year License Description
Childsplay childsplayAUR 2007 GPL A suite of educational games for young children


Name Package Year License Description
Adanaxis adanaxis-gpl-debAUR 2005 GPL A deep space first-person shooter game in four spatial dimensions
Aleph One alephoneAUR 2000 GPL3 A free, enhanced port of the classic FPS
CodeRED: Alien Arena alienarena 2005 GPL Multiplayer retro sci-fi deathmatch game
America's Army armyopsAUR 2002 Commercial Tactical FPS
AssaultCube Reloaded assaultcube-reloadedAUR 2012 GPL3 First person-shooter aimed at improving AssaultCube
Bid for Power bid-for-powerAUR 2008 Freeware Dragonball Z total conversion mod for ioquake3
Battle Just Started bjsAUR 2006 GPL Arcade tank battle in 3D
Blob And Conquer blobandconquerAUR 2006 GPL A 3D action game featuring a variety of different weaponry and multiple objectives
Boarding Party boarding-partyAUR 2013 Commercial Fast paced old school style FPS written in Java
Beyond the Red Line btrlAUR 2008 Freeware Standalone mod of Freespace 2 based on the Battlestar Galactica
BZFlag bzflag 2001 LGPL Multiplayer 3D tank battle game
Caster caster-demoAUR 2006 Demo Intense 3rd person shooter with terrain deformation and explosive attacks
Catlateral Damage catlateral-damageAUR 2014 Freeware First-person destructive cat simulator
Cbzone cbzoneAUR 2000 custom Battlezone clone
Chex Quest 3 chexquest3-wadAUR 2001 Freeware
Andy's Super Great Park asgp-gitAUR 2013 GPL3 CCPL A shooter on rails game
Cosmic Break cosmicbreakAUR 2008 Commercial MMO third person anime style shooter featuring massive PvP battles
Cube cubeAUR 2003 ZLIB Fast oldschool multiplayer and singleplayer FPS
Cytadela cytadelaAUR 2006 GPL Conversion of Amiga Doom clone
Descent d1x-rebirthAUR 1994 Commercial 3D spaceship FPS with six degrees of freedom
Descent 2 d2x-rebirthAUR 1996 Commercial 3D spaceship FPS with six degrees of freedom
Damn Small Nexuiz damn-small-nexuizAUR 2009 GPL Somewhat playable Nexuiz version for netbooks
Danger from the Deep dangerdeep-svnAUR 2003 GPL World War II german submarine simulator
The Dark Mod darkmodAUR 2005 CCPL Stealth game based on Thief series running on Doom 3 engine
Disco Dodgeball discododgeball-hibAUR 2013 Commercial Team-based multiplayer FPS with robots
Classic Doom 3 doom3-cdoomAUR 2007 Freeware Doom 1 demo maps recreated for Doom 3
heXen: Edge Of Chaos doom3-hexenAUR 2010 Freeware Doom 3 mod based on original Hexen
Doom 3 In Hell doom3-inhellAUR 2006 Commercial Doom 3 mod inspired by classic Ultimate Doom
Doom 3 Last Man Standing doom3-lmsAUR 2004 Commercial Coop mod for Doom 3
Doom 3 Phantasm doom3-phantasmAUR 2006 Commercial Doom 3 mod based on Phantasm horror movies
Doom 3 doom3AUR 2004 Commercial Sci-fi horror FPS
Doom 3: BFG rbdoom3-bfg-gitAUR 2012 Commercial Re-release of Doom 3 with graphical improvements
Duke Nukem 3D eduke32AUR 1996 Commercial Legendary shooter from Apogee
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory enemy-territoryAUR 2003 Freeware Team-based multiplayer FPS
ET pro enemy-territory-etproAUR 2003 unknown Competitive mod for Enemy Territory
Enemy Territory Fortress enemy-territory-fortressAUR 2006 Freeware Game based on classic Quake Team Fortress
Enemy Lines 3 enemylines3AUR 2006 GPL Semi-abstract 3D FPS
Enemy Lines 7 enemylines7AUR 2006 GPL3 Anti-Air airplane shooter


Name Package Year License Description
Amnesia demo amnesia-demoAUR 2010 Demo Horror game about immersion, discovery and living through a nightmare (demo)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent amnesia-tddAUR 2011 Commercial Horror game about immersion, discovery and living through a nightmare
Among the Sleep among-the-sleepAUR 2013 Commercial First person horror adventure in which you play a two year old child



Name Package Year License Description
0verkill 0verkillAUR 2000 GPL Bloody 2D online deathmatch game created in ASCII-ART
Abbaye des Morts abbaye-des-mortsAUR 2010 GPL3 An obsolete videogame for a dark passage of history
Abe's Amazing Adventure!! abeAUR 2005 GPL Scrolling, platform-jumping, key-collecting, ancient pyramid exploring game
Abuse abuse 1995 GPL custom Side-scroller action game that pits you against ruthless alien killers
Alex the Allegator 4 alex4AUR 2002 GPL2 A pure jump-'n-run platformer
And Yet It Moves Demo andyetitmoves-demoAUR 2006 Demo Physics-based platform game (demo)
And Yet It Moves andyetitmovesAUR 2006 Commercial Physics-based platform game
Aquaria aquaria-gitAUR 2007 Commercial A 2D fantasy action-adventure game
SDL Asylum asylumAUR 2007 GPL3 A platform shooter set in the surreal world of an unstable mind
Awish awishAUR 2012 Abandonware Rewrite of the old MS-DOS game Avish
Barbie Seahorse Adventures barbie-seahorse-adventuresAUR 2007 GPL A simple platformer where you play as a seahorse
Beatbuddy beatbuddy-hibAUR 2013 Commercial A hand-drawn arcade game with unique music interaction
Beep beep-gameAUR 2011 Commercial A 2D side-scrolling platformer with physics-based gameplay
Bioboy bioboyAUR 2012 MIT A platformer
BIT.TRIP BEAT bittripbeatAUR 2010 Commercial Rhythm-based pong-style platformer
BIT.TRIP RUNNER bittriprunnerAUR 2011 Commercial A rhythm-based action platformer
BlinkenSisters blinkensistersAUR 2006 GPL2 Jump'n'run game in 80s retro style
Blobwars: Metal Blob Solid blobwars 2009 GPL Platform action game featuring a blob with lots of weapons
Blocks blocks-gameAUR 2007 GPL2 A 3D Jump & Run set in a small world of wood-blocks
BoboBot bobobotAUR 1999 GPL Mega Man clone
Boson X boson-xAUR 2013 Commercial DRM-free rotational running game
bubbman2 bubbman2AUR 2009 GPL An Adventure Island style platformer
Capitán Sevilla capitan-sevillaAUR 2009 GPL3 A remake of the spanish game Capitan Sevilla
Capsized capsized-hibAUR 2010 Commercial A science-fiction action platformer
Castles in the Sky castles-in-the-skyAUR 2013 Commercial Video game storybook that is about adventures in the sky
Chimera Chimera chimera_chimeraAUR 2013 BSD Play as a radioactive bear absorbing the abilities of other animals
CloneKeen clonekeenAUR 2006 GPL3 Clone of Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons
Clonk Rage clonk_rageAUR 2008 ISC CC-BY-NC Entertaining, action-packed game of strategy, tactics, and skill
Commander Genius commander-genius-gitAUR 2009 GPL Modern clone of Commander Keen
Cortex Command cortexcommandAUR 2008 Commercial 2D side-scrolling RTS
Crazy Pony crazyponyAUR 2012 BSD Challenging old-school side-scrolling platformer with multiplayer
Cave Story doukutsuAUR 2008 Freeware Japanese side-scrolling platformer
Duckling duckling-gitAUR 2004 MIT Unfinished tiny 2D platform game
Dust: An Elysian Tail dustaet-hibAUR 2009 Commercial Action packed 2D hack'n'slay platformer
Dustforce dustforce-hibAUR 2011 Commercial Fast-paced 2D action platformer
Endless Forms Most Beautiful efmbAUR 2012 CCPL Crazy platformer with braincrashing mechanics
Element4l element4l-hibAUR 2013 Commercial Immersive experimental platformer with a focus on flow and smooth gameplay
Epacse epacseAUR 2011 CC-BY-ND Alternative physics platformer

Puzzle Platformer

Name Package Year License Description
Boondog boondogAUR 2009 Freeware A fun puzzle game
Braid braidAUR 2006 Commercial A puzzle-platformer where the player manipulates the flow of time
Edge edge-hbAUR 2011 Commercial Casual retro-styled puzzle-platformer
And Yet It Moves ayim-demoAUR 2006 Demo Physics-based Puzzle Platformer
Balazar Brothers balazarbrothersAUR 2007 GPL2 A 3D puzzle and platform game
B.A.L.L.Z. ballzAUR 2007 BSD Platform game with some puzzle elements
Beret beret-gitAUR 2011 LGPL OFL 2D puzzle platformer about a telekinetic scientist
Blocks That Matter blocks-that-matterAUR 2011 Commercial Platformer with puzzle elements that form a mix of Tetris and Minecraft
Closure closure-hibAUR 2009 Commercial A creepy puzzle platformer game that centers around light


Name Package Year License Description
Antigravitaattori antigravitaattoriAUR 2006 GPL2 A multiplayer flying saucer racing game
Ballistics ballistics-demoAUR 2003 Demo A futuristic racing game similar to wipeout
Bloboats bloboatsAUR 2006 GPL custom A boat racing game reminiscent of Elasto Mania and X-Moto
BumpRace bumpraceAUR 2001 GPL Arcade racing game through a multi-level maze for 1 or 2 players
Car World carworldAUR 2000 GPL Driving simulator with physics
CoreBreach corebreachAUR 2011 Commercial Combat-based futuristic anti-gravity racing game
Crash Test crashtestAUR 2006 GPL Educational car crash simulation
Dakar 2011 dakar2011AUR 2010 GPL3 3D driving game with tracks based on real Dakar rally
Dino Run SE dino-run-seAUR 2011 Commercial Retro-styled, action-packed prehistoric multiplayer racing game
Dust Racing 2D dustracAUR 2012 GPL Tile-based 2D racing game



Name Package Year License Description
Atrinik atrinik-client-develAUR 2010 GPL 2D MORPG based on Daimonin and Crossfire
Auteria auteriaAUR 2012 Freeware MMORPG, a fantasy world within our real world
CatchChallenger catchchallenger-mmorpgAUR 2013 GPL Oldschool MMORPG
Choria choriaAUR 2008 GPL3 2D MMORPG that's all about grinding and doing chores
Crossfire crossfire-clientAUR 1992 GPL2 Medieval adventure MMORPG with isometric perspective
Daimonin daimoninAUR 2008 GPL 2D tile-based MMORPG
Dofus dofusAUR 2003 Freeware A manga inspired strategic MMORPG for Adobe AIR


Name Package Year License Description
BatMUD batclientAUR 1990 Commercial A medieval fantasy MUD
The Dawn of Time dawnoftimeAUR 2001 custom MUD codebase


Name Package Year License Description
ADOM adomAUR 1994 Commercial A roguelike game with a quest-centric, plot driven structure
AliensRL aliensrlAUR 2007 unknown Roguelike based on the Aliens movie
Angband angband 2007 Freeware A roguelike dungeon exploration game based on Tolkien's books
Animonstres animonstresAUR 2012 EUPL A roguelike in which you fight with the magical beasts you catch
A Quest Too Far aquesttoofarAUR 2010 GPL3 Roguelike where you play a veteran adventurer, fighting despite his age and poor health
Ascii Sector asciisecAUR 2007 Freeware Roguelike with a Wing Commander: Privateer theme
Avanor avanorAUR 2006 GPL2 A feature rich fantasy roguelike game with ADOM-like user interface
Brogue brogueAUR 2009 AGPL3 A 26-level dungeon crawl to the Amulet of Yendor
Cardinal Quest cardinalquestAUR 2011 Commercial Hack and slash your way through a randomly generated dungeon
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead cataclysm-ddaAUR 2013 CC-BY-SA Roguelike set in a post-apocalyptic world, forked from original
Cataclysm cataclysm-gitAUR 2011 CC-BY-SA A post-apocalyptic roguelike
Cracks and Crevices cracks_and_crevicesAUR 2010 GPL ASCII roguelike that takes ideas from UnderDark and SRL
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup crawl-gitAUR 2011 GPL Modern ASCII roguelike
Linley's Dungeon Crawl crawlAUR 1995 Freeware Roguelike in tradition of Rogue, Hack, and Moria
CryptRover cryptroverAUR 2008 GPL3 Roguelike where you play as an archaeologist trapped in underground crypt
Dwarf Fortress Graphical dfgAUR 2009 Freeware Unofficial semi-graphic version of Dwarf Fortress
DiabloRL diablorlAUR 2006 Freeware Simple ASCII roguelike inspired by Diablo
Don't Starve dontstarveAUR 2012 Commercial Open world roguelike survival
DoomRL doomrlAUR 2006 Freeware Roguelike based on the Doom FPS
Dungeons of Dredmor dungeons-of-dredmorAUR 2011 Commercial Roguelike game with hilarity as the centerpiece
Dwarf Fortress dwarffortress-ironhandAUR 2006 Freeware Single-player fantasy game set in a randomly generated persistent world
Dwarf Therapist dwarftherapist-hgAUR 2009 MIT GUI for Dwarf Fortress
DynaHack dynahack-gitAUR 2013 Freeware NetHack variant with new content and challenges
Entroband entrobandAUR 2005 Freeware Challenging variant of Angband


Name Package Year License Description
Alcarys Complex Demo alcarys-complex-trialAUR 2006 Commercial An action-RPG style adventure (trial version)
Hero of Allacrost allacrostAUR 2004 GPL2 A single player 2D role-playing game inspired by classic console RPGs
Anodyne anodyne-hibAUR 2012 Commercial A top-down action-adventure game
Ardentryst ardentrystAUR 2009 GPL3 CCPL An action/RPG sidescoller with a focus on story and character development
The Elder Scrolls: Arena arenaAUR 1994 Commercial An epic fantasy open world action RPG
Arx Fatalis demo arx-fatalis-data-demoAUR 2002 Demo Game data from official free demo
Arx Fatalis arx-libertatisAUR 2002 Commercial A first-person role-playing game
Avadon: The Black Fortress avadon-hbAUR 2011 Commercial Singleplayer RPG
Balazar III balazar3-svnAUR 2008 GPL A dungeon adventure game with multiplayer support
Bastion bastionAUR 2011 Commercial An action role-playing game set in a lush imaginative world
Wrath of Lamb bindingofisaac-wrathoflambAUR 2011 Commercial A randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements
The Binding of Isaac the-binding-of-isaacAUR 2011 Commercial A randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements
Liberal Crime Squad crimesquad-svnAUR 2007 GPL Satirical console-based political role-playing strategy game
Curse curseAUR 2008 GPL3 Remake of strategy game Curse of the Keys
Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall daggerfall-addonsAUR 1996 Commercial Fantasy open world action RPG
Dark Gates darkgatesAUR 2012 Commercial Turn-based RPG inspired by Death Maze
Dawn dawn-rpgAUR 2010 GPL 2D fantasy RPG
DNT dccnitghtmareAUR 2007 GPL3 CC-BY Sarcastic 3D singleplayer post-apocalyptic RPG
Dragon Hunt dragonhuntAUR 2006 GPL CCPL Extensible 2D graphical RPG
Deadly Rooms of Death drodAUR 2001 MPL Turn based puzzle action roguelike RPG
Dungeon Monkey Unlimited dungeonmonkeyunlimitedAUR 2010 LGPL2.1 Turn based straightforward tactics RPG
Egoboo egobooAUR 2000 GPL 3D action RPG and dungeon crawling adventure
Empty Clip emptyclipAUR 2006 GPL Top-down 2D action RPG
Epiar epiarAUR 2002 GPL Space action RPG and trading game



Name Package Year License Description
0 A.D. 0ad 2009 GPL2 CCPL 3D and historically-based real-time strategy game, alpha stage
Seven Kingdoms 7kaaAUR 2009 GPL2 A real-time strategy game developed by Trevor Chan
Achron AchronAUR 2009 Commercial Time travel RTS
Airline Tycoon Deluxe demo atd-demoAUR 2013 Demo A funny economy simulation proceeding in realtime (Demo)
Atom Zombie Smasher atomzombiesmasherAUR 2010 Commercial RTS, evacuating civilians out of zombie-contaminated cities
BerryBots berrybotsAUR 2012 Commercial A programming game where the player programs a shooting ship
Bos Wars boswarsAUR 2007 GPL Futuristic 2D RTS
Brutal Wars brutalwarsAUR 2006 Demo War game and a turn-based strategy, a spiritual successor to Battle Isle
CaesarIA caesaria-gitAUR 2014 GPL3 BSD2 Remake of Caesar III in the big and seamless world of Ancient Rome
Colobot colobot-goldAUR 2013 GPL3 RTS with adventure programmable bots
Zod Engine commander-zodAUR 2010 GPL Remake of Z
Theme Hospital corsix-thAUR 2010 Commercial Hospital business simulation game
CRAFT: The Vicious Vikings craftAUR 1997 GPL A strategy game similar to Warcraft, C&C and Dune II
Creeper World creeper-worldAUR 2011 Commercial Dark, clever and infectious strategy game
Creeper World 2 creeper-world-2AUR 2011 Commercial RTS with tower defense elements
Creeper World 3 creeper-world3AUR 2013 Commercial RTS with tower defense elements
Curse of War curseofwar-with-sdl-gitAUR 2013 GPL Fast-paced ASCII Action RTS
Dark Oberon dark-oberonAUR 2003 GPL2 CCPL RTS similar to Warcraft II
Darwinia demo darwinia-demoAUR 2004 Demo Virtual themepark, running entirely inside a computer network
Darwinia darwiniaAUR 2004 Commercial Virtual themepark, running entirely inside a computer network
Defcon defconAUR 2005 Commercial Global thermonuclear war game
Dune Dynasty dunedynastyAUR 2012 GPL2 Enhanced continuation of classic Dune 2
Dune Legacy dunelegacyAUR 2003 GPL Updated clone of Dune 2
Eufloria dysonAUR 2009 GPL Unique elegant RTS
Energy Tycoon energytycoonAUR 2010 MIT Town energy management game


Name Package Year License Description
8 Kingdoms 8kingdomsAUR 2009 GPL A 3D turn-based fantasy strategy game
Citadel anura-citadel-gitAUR 2013 Commercial A turn based strategy game
Advanced Strategic Command ascAUR 1999 GPL A turn based strategy game in the tradition of the Battle Isle series
Battle Worlds: Kronos battleworlds-launcherAUR 2007 Commercial A classic turn-based strategy game
Crimson Fields crimsonAUR 2003 GPL Turn-based tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle

Tower Defense

Name Package Year License Description
Anomaly anomalyAUR 2010 Commercial Mixture of action and strategy in a reversed tower defense formula
ASD - Tower Defense asd-tower-defenseAUR 2010 GPL Tower defense game developed in Java
CreepTD creeptdAUR 2011 Freeware Multiplayer tower defense game
Cursed Treasure cursed-treasureAUR 2010 Freeware Flash tower defense game with new twists
Defender's Quest demo defenders-quest-demoAUR 2011 Demo Tower Defense RPG hybrid that focuses on story, customization, and tactics
Defender's Quest defenders-questAUR 2011 Commercial Tower Defense RPG hybrid that focuses on story, customization, and tactics
Dungeon Defenders dungeon-defenders-hibAUR 2010 Commercial 3D coop tower defense game with medieval theming


Name Package Year License Description
Awesomenauts awesomenauts-hibAUR 2012 Commercial A 3vs3 multiplayer 2D battle arena



Name Package Year License Description
bolzplatz2006 bolzplatz2006AUR 2006 GPL CCPL Nice 3D Comic Style football game
Bygfoot bygfootAUR 2004 GPL Football management game


Name Package Year License Description
Air Hockey airhockey-gitAUR 2011 GPL A single and multi-player game written in OpenGL


Name Package Year License Description
CannonSmasah csmashAUR 2001 GPL 3D table tennis game


Name Package Year License Description
blobby2 blobby2 2006 GPL A beach ball game with blobs of goo



Name Package Year License Description
Billiards billiardsAUR 2009 GPL3 Free cue sports simulator aiming for physical accuracy and simplicity

Table (other)

Name Package Year License Description
Babylon babylonAUR 2009 GPL An implementation of a simple 2-player board game
CKhet ckhetAUR 2011 GPL Simple curses implementation of the board came Khet
dama damaAUR 2011 GPL2 Turkish draughts (checkers)
DFight dfightAUR 2010 GPL Multiplayer 3D board game inspired by Khet
DMN Modular Netgame dmnAUR 2014 GPL 2 or 4 player board game based on Dominó
Domination dominationAUR 2008 GPL Java version of classic Risk board game
Domino dominoAUR 2009 GPL Tile-based board game


Name Package Year License Description
The Ace of Penguins ace-of-penguinsAUR 1998 GPL A set of Unix/X solitaire games
Aisleriot aisleriot 2009 GPL A collection of patience games written in guile scheme
Belooted belootedAUR 2010 GPL A fun GTK card game playing against computer
BrisKola briskolaAUR 2009 GPL2 Popular Italian card game
Cockatrice cockatrice-gitAUR 2009 GPL2 Collection of games such as Magic: The Gathering over a network
Deal dealAUR 2005 GPL Bridge hand (deals) generator
Dealer dealerAUR 2007 GPL Generates bridge cards game hands for partnerships bidding training
Duo duoAUR 2009 GPL Crazy eight UNO card game


Name Package Year License Description
3D Chess 3dchessAUR 1996 GPL An opensource 3D Chess game for X11
Brutal Chess brutalchessAUR 2006 GPL2 3D chess game inspired by Battle Chess
Chinese Chess cchessAUR 2003 GPL Fully featured singleplayer and multiplayer Chinese chess
Checkmate checkmateAUR 2008 GPL Simple, lightweight chess game
Corners cornersAUR 2009 GPL Logical board game of Chinese checkers
Crafty craftyAUR 2004 custom A computer chess program
CuckooChess cuckoochessAUR 2011 GPL3 Java Chess Program, GUI and TUI
Dreamchess dreamchessAUR 2006 GPL3 3D chess game with various chess board sets
Eboard eboard-extrasAUR 2007 GPL Chess interface to ICS and chess engines
Emacs Chess emacs-chess-gitAUR 2011 GPL Chess client written entirely in Emacs Lisp


Name Package Year License Description
ccGo ccgo 2002 GPL Play Go with gnugo or against other players on IGS
cgoban-h cgoban-hAUR 2008 Freeware KGS client 'hacked' with some enhancements
cgoban3 cgoban3AUR 2006 Freeware Kiseido Go and SGF client


Name Package Year License Description
Capi City capicityAUR 2013 GPL2 Boardgame to play Monopoly like games with it

Visual Novel

Name Package Year License Description
Analogue: A Hate Story analogueAUR 2012 Commercial
Dear Esther dearestherAUR 2011 Commercial Experimental first-person adventure, strongly driven by a fractured narrative
Digital: A Love Story digitalAUR 2010 CC-BY-NC-SA Computer mystery romance set five minutes into the future of 1988
Don't Take It Personally donttakeitpersonallyAUR 2011 CC-BY-NC-SA Visual novel about high school literature teacher


Name Package Year License Description
Angolmois angolmoisAUR 2007 GPL BM98-like rhythm game
Atomix atomixAUR 2009 GPL A puzzle game in which full molecules have to be built
Ball and Paddle ballandpaddleAUR 2008 GPL Extensible ball and paddle game
Be The Wumpus bethewumpusAUR 2008 GPL2 A game with no graphics, with no text, only audio
Blacklbox black-boxAUR 2008 GPL2 A game where you can shoot in and watch, where the shot leaves the box
Black Shades blackshades-svnAUR 2003 uDevGame A game where you control a psychic bodyguard
Bombardier bombardier-gitAUR 2010 GPL3 The GNU Bombing utility
brainspell-git brainspell-gitAUR 2010 GPL logical game for programmers: write on Brainfuck for speed!
brutal-file-manager brutal-file-managerAUR 2004 GPL2 A first person file manager. Delete your files brutally with weapons
bunnykill bunnykill-gitAUR 2009 GPL A bunny hopping and killing game with lots of blood
Catan catan-cow-clientAUR 2010 Commercial Catan Online World Linux Client

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