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WebEx is a commercial Java application by Cisco for remote desktop sharing and conferencing. It's widely used in corporate environments. In 64 bits Linux, the application silently fails when screen sharing is activated. The following is a procedure to make it work.


To install WebEx, you'll first need Oracle's JVM, available as jreAUR from the AUR. Then, proceed to the WebEx address you've been offered by your company or third party (something like or click on the link from a WebEx invite you received. You'll be prompted to run a Java Web Start application and likely requested to accept a certificate for it; Java can run with elevated privileges and has a history of exploitable bugs, so make sure everything looks legitimate before proceeding.

If Java is correctly installed, the Meeting Center window should come up. If the host starts sharing their screen or you are the host or made the presenter and you click on the Share My Desktop button, it will fail silently for you due to undocumented missing 32 bits libraries and/or missing 64 bits library paths.

Extra libraries

Once you're able to make WebEx start on your machine, you'll need to add the following libraries from the [multilib] repository and the AUR:

If you installed pacaur, run the following: