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A normal person.


If multiple things are included, the one I use most is first and the one I use least is last.

For example arch/debian/ubuntu would mean that I use arch the most, ubuntu the least, and the usage of debian is somewhere in the middle of those.

This applies in every section which does not explicitly specify that it does not use this layout.


Hardware specs are probably not going to be here, but we'll see.


Preferred applications

My preferred apps.

  • Editor - vim/vis
  • Terminal multiplexer - tmux/dvtm
  • Screen locker - slock in dwm, i3lock with the script in my dotfiles in i3.
  • Init system - systemd (yes, it is huge bloat, but it has some nice features.)
  • Unorganized music and video player - mpv
  • Organized music player - mpd (on UNIX socket) and ncmpcpp as client
  • IRC client - ii with a custom script I made/irssi
  • XMPP client - irssi with irssi-xmpp
  • RSS reader - newsbeuter
  • E-mail client - mutt (yes, no full-featured HTML renderer, but I just save it and open it in luakit)
  • Image viewer - imv
  • Document viewer - zathura (zathura-pdf-mupdf, zathura-ps, zathura-djvu)
  • Shell - zsh/mksh (part of the ksh family) for interactive usage, dash/bash as sh for scripting.
  • Browser - surf with tabbed (with xft patch)/luakit
  • Terminal emulator - st

Preferred configuration

This section has to do with customizations that won't go in files. The ones that do go in files are in my dotfile repo. (see below)


Look here.

Secret website.

I have a blog. It's not so secret, it's just firewalled. You can see it here until I get it up and running on my own server.