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Self-proclaimed geek and wiki lover. I have transferred to Arch for a while and I am loving it. I used to contribute to Wikipedia and Wikia but I am new to Arch Wiki, so please correct me if I make mistakes. I usually code in C but my heart also has a side for other languages like Python, Perl, Go, Elisp(Emacs lover united!).

Aside from this wiki, hopefully, I can contribute more to Arch community in the future! ;)


Using language code rules from MediaWiki - Babel.

  • de-2(or 3?)
  • en-4
  • zh-N

My Contributions in Arch wiki

Currently, I am not maintaining any specific pages. I mostly contribute to pages that got my interest. Here are a few of them:


If you need some help, you can leave a message in User_talk:Dinoallo