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Arch Linux provides a number of hosted servers with directly applicable uses for staff members, and especially the Developers and Trusted Users. For help accessing the services, please contact the devops team via the arch-devops mailing list or #archlinux-devops on Libera Chat.

Most of these servers are accessible over ssh, so for convenience the following ssh_config snippet can be used:

Host orion soyuz luna dragon
    CanonicalizeHostname yes

Host !aur.* *
    User your_username
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/keys/archlinux
    IdentitiesOnly yes

The most important server, naturally, this is where Developers and Trusted Users upload new packages to the official repos using DeveloperWiki:dbscripts.

Currently resides on, to which it is aliased.

This server provides email addresses to Arch staff (Devs, TUs, Support staff), upon request of an email address. Staff members can request from a devops team member to add a user for them. Example config:

  • smtpserver =
  • smtpuser =
  • smtpserverport = 587
  • imap port = 143
  • password = (same as ssh password)

Currently resides on, to which it is aliased.

Personal web hosting for staff, via Apache public_html. Public url is This service used to be available via, which was also a powerful build server, but in November 2019 it was announced that soyuz would be decommissioned and its services moved elsewhere [1]. The new server is currently capped at what we hope is a reasonable 100GiB.

In order to set up your personal public_html, see Access Control Lists#Granting execution permissions for private files to a web server.

Currently resides on, to which it is aliased.

Build Servers

A beefy build server available to Devs and TUs to run extra-x86_64-build and other devtools helpers. Current boxes configured as devtools clients:

This server was once an alternative to, but since soyuz is now decommissioned, this is now the recommended build server.

The offload-build(1) devtools helper will by default attempt to offload a build to this build server.

Account management and Single-sign-on provider using Keycloak.


A Quassel core for maintaining an IRC presence. Formerly hosted on (you may notice a trend here), it is now hosted on its own private box located at on port 4242.

Accounts currently provided on request (ask the devops team). Formerly, when it was hosted on soyuz, there was a givemequassel script you could run to create an account. This no longer works due to the migration, and we haven't figured out a good way to enroll people without providing ssh access.


A Matrix homeserver, also for maintaining an IRC presence. Use e.g. to login to the homeserver and an account will be created for you via

Central hosting for various archlinux-related git projects via cgit. Once known as, but that is now a redirect to the git. subdomain. Available projects can be viewed at

Accounts provided on request to the devops team, upon which you can host personal repos in the "Developer Projects" namespace within your personal directory inside /srv/git/users/.

Please create a cgitrc for any personal projects with the following content:

section=Developer Projects
owner=Real Name

Currently resides on, to which it is aliased.