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I'm currently interested in the following topics


I run a laptop, a desktop and a VPS server on Arch linux. I use the laptop for day-to-day use, the desktop is currently serving files under ownCloud and the VPS server runs under Xen and is meant to be a full blown web and mailserver.


My laptop is an Acer TravelMate 7740g with Intel i3 processor and ATI Radeon Mobile HD5650 1Gb graphics video processor running Arch Gnome3


The laptop runs Systemd hence my interest in the Wiki article


Coming from an Ubuntu environment I never concidered LILO or Grub Legacy but installed Grub2 right away.I had some issues with the Seagate Momentus 750Gb hybrid drive I installed lateron. These issues stem from the new 4KB sector size.


The desktop is built by myself. I hasan Asus motherboard with an AMD dual core processor and an extra ATI videocard. Budget was an issue when I built it. I installed Arch with the script from AUR. I on think I will do that ever again. The desktop needs a clean up ;) I installed ownCloud from AUR that serves my photo's and other stuff frm a partition that is currently 100Mb in size.

VPS server

My hosting provider offers Xen Virtualisation with a bare Arch x86-64 which I decided to maintain without cPanel or the likes. That means configuring everything by hand. I have a complete LAMP stack and a mail server mainly set up with help from the SOHO Postfix page. The mail server runs Postfix, Dovecot, Mailgraph, Pigeonhole and more.


I currently maintain three packages in AUR. Those are all bridge related. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in (computer) bridge.


Is a library that can solve double dummy bridge problems. It's equivalent to the much better known GIB engine


Is a GUI frontend for dds which enables you to analyse bridge boards.The input is one or more hands in a PBN Notation. I must point you to bcalc (also in AUr) which does the same. dds and Tenace however are open source.


Is a program that can calculate and analyze brdgehands. It's not so much a double dummy analyser but it is useful to calculate odds from parts of the board. This program originats from the nineties. The input is awkward beacuse you need to define your hand in the C programming langage.