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Greetings! I am Frem, a Linux Hobbit. I am learning how to unlock the power of the one command line. One command line to rule them all! And I don't care what you say - it is bash, running though a transparent aterm.

I've got a 300MHz P2 laptop with 2mb video card and 64mb RAM, so I'm kinda on the low side of what ArchLinux supports. Ask me if you need help with fast, light desktop apps. Oh, I'm also one of the few cool people who managed to get the Hawking hwc54g wireless card working under Linux - A platform not supported by the card! I can help with hwc54g stuff, too.

I hang out on the #archlinux IRC channel occasionaly, almost always under the screen name "Frem". I'd like say thanks to "SleepyDog", for without his help I'd probaly have gone back to Debian.

You can see my personal web page, GeckoSite, (a random jumble of blog, wiki and bbs loosely integrated) at

Apps: Fluxbox - Opera - aterm - rox - leafpad - zsnes

Quick mini HOWTO type things:

Gnome-like desktop on old systems.

Want a quick, easy desktop that looks like Gnome, yet runs on your old system? I reccommend about 128mb ram for this setup.

Packages needed:

Packages needed to compile:

  • suxpanel

Somewhat less cool, but still easy to use lightweight desktop

After tons of expermentation, I've decided this is probably the best desktop for an old system.

Packages needed:

Packages needed to compile:

  • xtdesktop

Note that IceWM looks ugly by defaut and feels even worse. Find something like IcePref, or go though the config manually. At the very least I reccommend moving the taskbar to the top of the screen and turning on the option that makes menus pop out on mouseover. There are some niceish clean, default looking themes at /var/lock ( I've only seen *one* really nice looking flashy theme, but that was in a screenshot, custom made, and I have not been able to track it down. 95% of the IceWM skins are pretty bad.