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cool projects i have no time for, aka what people should be making instead of yet another scriptable tiling window manager or buzzwordy javascript framework

  • raw touchpad events support for x11, for e.g. inputting 漢字 by drawing on it
  • a tool which captures x11 selections, analyses grammatical structure of natural language sentences and allows to examine the results
  • documentation generator integrated with an ide help and autocompletion system
  • modern, unobtrusive ide, while we're at it
  • console ime for ssh from a mobile phone with only a 0-9 keypad
  • terminal emulator with built-in ssh, telnet, serial port support
  • universal console media tagging tool
  • libpurple plugin for at modems
  • visual, multiple-window debugger for qemu
  • download manager daemon
  • fast and small computer algebra system
  • visual tool for formally manipulating mathematical formulæ
  • language for drawing geometry constructions in svg, with features like in kdeedu-kig, but in a text editor
  • window manager which would render gimp single window mode and browser tabs obsolete
  • sigsegv handler prompting to launch a debugger, similar to debreaper — i'm quite happy with coredumpctl, actually. still, at least i'd like a desktop notification, not just a disappearing window…
  • package manager for arch easing the burden of maintaining a mixed source-binary system
  • midi piano tutor
  • virtual midi device converting microphone sounds to notes
  • xkcd-themed remake of stick soldiers 2
  • timeline editor that does not use html5
  • wireshark-like binary file editor (dissectors and all)
  • disassembler and object code editor (fold into above?)
  • hybrid text-graphical shell
  • translatable, interface-agnostic roguelike game engine using an abstract json based protocol, like nethack4
  • natural language text generation library for the above
  • language for generating binary files - when nasm is not enough
  • programming language with built-in parser facilities, like perl6 grammars
  • programming language with extensible syntax, like perl6 macros
  • operating system that does not distinguish programs from libraries

drop me a line if you know of a successful attempt at any of the above

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