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Why do I use Arch? Well that is a rather long story to be honest. I never intended on using Arch but here I am. So you can better understand me here is a chronological timeline on how I got started with Linux and ended up here.

How do you uninstall Edge?

In autumn of 2020 I wanted to uninstall Edge from my only computer laptop. Back then I barely new about Linux. I had a raspberry pi but it was to cumbersome to connect it with HDMI to our only family television and SSH was something unknown to me. I read thru many blogs, guides and tutorials but with no success. I remember even digging into windows registry keys in hopes of completely removing Edge from my PC but to no avail. I wasn't too frustrated but still kind of mad that I had Edge installed without a real way to remove it.

What is this thing called "Linux"?

It was around that time where I researched more about Linux and heard that it was an alternative to Windows and you could control everything. Out of curiosity I looked up on how to install Linux and I learned about all the different types of distros. I settled on Ubuntu 20.04 (back then the latest) and just tried it out. It was a blast! It was new and nothing like Windows. Everything felt like a little adventure. The design was modern and rounded not like Windows 10, which to that point had been the only real OS that I could daily drive. And so I decided I would install Ubuntu on my machine.

GRUB Error: Couldn't install Grub

I went thru the regular Ubuntu installer. Setting up wifi, keyboard, language and more. After clicking install, I sat in front of the screen and read the slideshow that was shown to me. Everything went fine till suddenly an error message appeared.

"GRUB Error: Couldn't install Grub"

What?! What is GRUB? Can I still use Linux? What happens when I reboot now?

Acer BIOS: No bootable Medium found

I broke my computer...

...What do I do now

Partition?, Bootloader?, UEFI? Are those words?

I now had a laptop with Linux but no bootloader. But back then I didn't know anything on how Computers "boot". All I knew is that I apparently destroyed my computer. And so I tried other Linux OSes. Mint, Manjaro, Kali for some reason and more but Kali was the one I remembered the most. Installing Kali didn't fix my laptop but it opened the grub rescue shell and from there I was able to do something. I searched `how to start Linux from grub rescue`. There were many unhelpful articles but this one helped for me. Well the names were different but I got around that. I was now able to boot into Kali and use it. But apt didn't work. And that kind of sucked.

fast forward one year

About the same time, before I installed Linux on my laptop, I build my first desktop PC. I had it dual-booted from the beginning and after installing some essential programs I looked booted into Ubuntu and looked what it really had to offer.


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