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Privileged user command with optional output. This template has the advantage that the hash sign (#) is appended via CSS, thus preventing it from being copied and pasted together with the command that follows.


  • {{User:Grufo/Rc|1}} or {{User:Grufo/Rc|command}}: the root command in the top pane
  • {{User:Grufo/Rc|2}} or {{User:Grufo/Rc|output}}: the output in the bottom pane (optional)
{{User:Grufo/Rc|ooops|bash: ooops: command not found}}
{{User:Grufo/Rc|command=ooops|output=bash: ooops: command not found}}


<templatestyles src="Template:Rc/style.css" />

bash: ooops: command not found