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Outdent a talk page reply

…Tenth reply

Template:Outdent Eleventh reply…


|1=outdentation (optional)
Supports two modes: literal indentation or an integer. In literal indentation mode the value may contain : (indents), * (unnumbered list), and # (numbered list). It is recommended to copy the colons, asterisks, and hashes from the start of the previous message. An integer value is interpreted as number of outdents (:). Default value is 10. Supported range is from 1 to 10 (any other integer outside this range will be interpreted as 10).


Without parameters


::::::: ...
:::::::: Eight reply
::::::::: Ninth reply
:::::::::: Tenth reply
{{outdent}} Eleventh reply
: Twelfth reply
:: ...



Eight reply
Ninth reply
Tenth reply

Template:Outdent Eleventh reply

Twelfth reply

With outdentation specified


: ...
:: Second reply
::: Third reply
:::: Fourth reply
{{outdent|::::}} Fifth reply
: Sixth reply
:: ...


Second reply
Third reply
Fourth reply

Template:Outdent Fifth reply

Sixth reply