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Hi there, my name is Philipp Überbacher. My main interest are audio applications. Arch Linux is very slim by default, very recent and provides a very easy way to create packages, therefor in my opinion it's a perfect distribution for testing and working close to upstream.

There are limits to what I'll do. I won't package or use gnome, kde, wine or vst applications, for a number of practical as well as 'political' reasons.

Not many audio applications can be found in the official Arch Linux repositories and the initial learning curve for Linux audio applications is rather steep. Therefor I provide PKGBUILDs in AUR ( and try to document most important information in the wiki. Also recently a repository with PKGBUILDs and binary packages was opened at where I try to help a bit as well.

With all that help available don't forget to help upstream. Since we have so many handy tools that make working close to upstream easy I feel we have an obligation to do so by reporting bugs and issues of any kind to increase the overall experience.

blabla :)

See WIP of me and fellows at User_talk:Hollunder