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Real Name: Jan Madsen
Nationality: Danish
Living in: Aveiro - Portugal
Linux user: #415455

Started my Linux experience

with SUSE Linux 10.0 in march 2006.

June 27. 2007
At the moment I'm experiencing 'The Arch Way'. I wanted to learn something
about using the command line, configuration etc.

I must admit, that Arch Linux does exactly, what you tell it to do.
And everyday I gain a little bit more confidence, and I learn
a little bit more.

In my first installation I chose the KDE desktop environment,as that
was what I were used to, but now I reinstalled everything with the 'SLIM'
desktop manager and the 'XFCE' desktop environment.

Until now I managed to:

  1. NumLock default 'ON'
  2. I'm almost automatically logged in.
  3. I'm allowed to shutdown/reboot within the XFCE desktop.

Everyday I'm experiencing another victory.

Oct. 16 - 2007

Today I finally managed, to get my HP Deskjet 3845 to work.
Arch Linux is really great, but as a n00b you sometimes get your hands 'dirty'.
My next step will probably be to install a Sudoku game from the AUR.

I'm back to KDE - allthough it's the Arch-taylored KDEmod. They call it
"KDE on steroids", and it really is.

By the way - I am playing Ksudoku almost every day.

Yesterday 6th of November 2007 I finished translating the The Arch Way into Danish - my native language.
As I'm no programmer - or hacker if you prefere - that's the only way to "give a little something back" to the community.

Nov. 13 - 2007

Today I finished the translation of Xorg into danish.
And a couple of days ago, I managed to contribute with a danish version of FAQ and the article ArchLinux now got a danish version as well.
There's probably more to come :)

Dec. 5 - 2007

Yesterday - late night - I managed to complete the translation of the beginners guide into danish.
I did make a mistake thoug - I DID NOT add the original to my watchlist.
I was about to add the danish version to the i18n entry list, when I realized, that there had been some 30 changes during the time of translation.

Somebody also decided to rewrite The Arch Way - but I'll leave that for some time.

Dec 9 - 2007

In the last four days, I've been busy translating wiki articles into danish.
First I made a danish version of Pacman. Yesterday I finished translating [[Setting_up_Samba]] into danish, and today I finished the danish version of the AUR_User_Guidelines.

That means, that there are 8 articles translated into danish - and that's without counting the danish Main Page.