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FastGit is an open source mirror speeder for It uses open resources to speed up the access to GitHub.



The usage of FastGit is basically relate on git . For common GitHub operations, you can use the subcommand clone such as:

$ git clone

For using FastGit, you change it into:

$ git clone

Just like what you see, FastGit is physically a proxy of GitHub, and you need only to replace the URL.

You can also edit git configurations to take a easier way to use our service.


FastGit supplies basic supports for the common GitHub Web operations. You can directly access nodes with Web supports.

Due to the safety concerns, FastGit banned sensitive operations like Cookie and Session. That means you are not able to do sensitive operations such as signing in GitHub via FastGit.

Download Releases or Source Code Archive

For common clone and push operations, FastGit already has perfect support. We can use the command below to download releases & source code archive.

# Release
# If your download link is: , then you use:
$ wget

# Codeload
# If your download link is:
# or
$ wget


FastGit now is under testing, will adjust the service according to the actual situation.

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