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Redirects with broken fragments

Redirects with potentially wrong capitalization

According to ArchWiki standards, the title must be sentence-case (if it is not an acronym). We will print the wrong capitalized redirects, i.e. when sentence-case title redirects to title-case.

Redirects to a different namespace

These pages from the main, ArchWiki:, Help:, Category: and DeveloperWiki: namespaces redirect to a namespace different than these 5 namespaces.

Talk pages of deleted pages

The following talk pages correspond to deleted pages and should not exist.

Talk pages of redirects

The following talk pages correspond to redirect pages and should be redirected as well or deleted.

Talk pages of redirects pointing to a different page

The following talk pages correspond to redirect pages, but they point to a different page. I.e, pages such that if A redirects to B, Talk:A redirects to Talk:C rather than Talk:B.