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Comment: Unfinished draft for X keyboard extension.

The X keyboard extension, or XKB, defines the way keyboards codes are handled in Xorg.

Dump current configuration:

$ xkbcomp $DISPLAY -

Print current components in a format accepted by xkbcomp:

$ setxkbmap -print

Load a configuration file from the current directory:

$ xkbcomp $DISPLAY -I. config.xkb $DISPLAY

The system-wide files are in /usr/share/X11/xkb/.

There are five components:

Defines symbolic names for keycodes.
Defines key types.
Internal behavior of modifiers.
Maps symbols to keycodes (by symbolic name).
Used to depict keyboard layouts (e.g. with xkeycaps or xorg-xkbprintAUR).

rules define how components are combined.

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