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I am a healthcare worker and former MIS manager with a very long interest in Linux and open source software. A friend introduced me to Linux in 1993 and I knew right away that I was looking at the future. In 1996 he and I saw Linus Torvalds speak at the University of New Hampshire where it was standing room only. That was an exciting time as the Alpha port was being introduced and I got to see my first Linux workstation running on an Alpha. I could not afford an Alpha system so my first Linux install was a 40 Mhz AMD 386 white box which dual booted between OS/2 and Slackware. It had a whopping 8 Mb of ram and a 325 Mb drive. I used a Workplace Shell program called Zoc to dial into my shell account. From there I used ftp to grab a copy of Slackware from which to my knowledge is now a museum piece. Once I was booted into Slackware I used Midnight Commander to learn my way around the system. Looking back I was using the internet before the web when it consisted of a command prompt, and instead of google I used archie. It was a real game changer when IBM released Web Explorer and I got my first glimpse of the web. All these years later my Linux system features Arch Linux on OpenZFS and not surprisingly it has a hostname of archie.

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