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A collection of packages I use on my main computer, a HP EliteBook 820 G3 laptop.

i3-6100U with 8GB RAM and a 1080p display. Bought second hand for $300.

This package selection is corresponding to User:M0p/Root_on_ZFS_Native_Encryption.

pacstrap $MOUNTPOINT base arch-install-scripts linux-lts gdisk sudo vi nano dosfstools grub efibootmgr networkmanager man
pacstrap $MOUNTPOINT archzfs-linux-lts

# desktop environment
pacstrap $MOUNTPOINT sway swayidle swaylock grim i3status alacritty brightnessctl gammastep wofi qt5-wayland kvantum-qt5 qt5ct pulseaudio pavucontrol-qt
pacstrap $MOUNTPOINT firefox firefox-dark-reader firefox-umatrix keepassxc lximage-qt pcmanfm-qt proxychains-ng youtube-dl mpv libva-intel-driver zathura
pacstrap $MOUNTPOINT zathura-pdf-poppler gvfs-smb gvfs-mtp p7zip gnome-themes-extra vim featherpad cronie git base-devel hugo mutt isync lynx vifm kitty