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A linux user since Ubuntu 6.06 and an arch user for some three years, I couldn't swear off linux if 'ping' was the only functionality left. After going back and forth between Arch and Ubuntu, I finally (and, I suspect, irrevocably) defected when 10.10 turned out to be incompatible with my preferred tty-auto-login method. The last straw, so to speak.

I have in a previous life and guise contributed (to) some articles on startup files but decided on a new account to get it into line with my overall internet presence. I am not planning on any great contributions but it's nice to be logged in and ready to edit just-in-case :)

A few key words:

  • A lover of all things ncurses (ncmpcpp, vim, htop, myman, mc being particular favourites)
  • A TTY aesthethics fan (you know ctrl+alt+Fx....)
  • An enthusiastic Openbox user, a less so GNOME 3 user
  • An occasional Python programmer

"Futhermore, I think terminus should be the default arch TTY font..."