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Welcome to my front door! Enjoy your stay.

About me

I am just "yet another user of Arch Linux", which I use every day instead of Windows. They're turning Windows into a spyware. I started by using Lubuntu, then switched to Debian because of Wi-Fi problems — which were not solved — and ended up switching to Arch Linux because of Debian's background services.

Something I really like about Arch Linux is its minimalist side which allows you to install specific packages without having plenty of useless packages. An Arch Linux installation is considerably lighter.
The only real problem of this distribution is that if you do not have an Internet connection via Ethernet, installation is much more complex. At least, it is to me.

I will also add that I am French, thus explaining my potentially weird or broken or British or scornful English. Excuse me if you feel like the latter is true, it's not intended. :(

I also like having the latest versions of packages and system breakdowns from time to time by installing anything I can from the testing repositories, but eh, science is not about why, it's about: why not? Or maybe I'm just going under a mental breakdown, that's possible too. Life is full of surprises!

Arch User Repository

For now, I only maintain the IBM's JDK 7 package in the AUR, albeit I might take ownership of the 8 version too if its current maintainer does not update the package soon.


  • I have a Steam profile that you can consult if you'd like. I mostly play Team Fortress 2, though. Never played Overwatch, and I don't want to — not that I hate it, but I don't want to constantly spend money to play Overwatch, eh.
  • I know some basic programming in C++, Python and Java but that's pretty much it.
  • You may use my talk page if you want to tell or ask me something.