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Personal info

Hello my name is Fabio but often referred as Muflone or il_muflone. Actually I work as developer in a private company.

I'm GNU/Linux user since the 2000 thanks to my first distro Slackware 2.0 while actually I'm an Arch Linux user at home and Debian/Ubuntu user at work.

Contact me on Twitter or by email at (please use a proper email subject to skip my antispam filters).

Support websites

My Debian Quality Assurance page

My Ohloh page

My Arch Linux AUR packages

My actual interest is in the GNOME 3 desktop:

Many Ubuntu/Debian guides and tips can be found in my blog (Italian language only).

Various Python + PyGTK tutorials written by me can be found in (Italian language only).

My open source projects

The following projects are covered by open source license:

Gespeaker is a frontend for espeak. It allows to play a text in many languages with settings for voice, pitch, volume, speed and word gap.
gWakeOnLan is a GTK+ utility to awake turned off machines using the Wake on LAN feature in both local network and through the internet.
gExtractWinIcons is a GTK+ utility to extract cursors, icons and png images previews from MS Windows resource files (like .exe, .dll, .ocx, .cpl).
BlueWho will scan periodically or by request for devices detection and will inform you and send notifications when a new device is discovered.
BlueDUN is an Internet connection manager for bluetooth devices with DUN service using RFCOMM protocol.
mdb2odb is a GTK+ utility to export data tables from MS Access 97/2000/2003 databases to OpenOffice?.org Base. It makes use of mdbtools to export DDL and data from mdb databases.
wmectrl stands for Window Manager Extended Control and allows to control actions and behaviour for windows and workspaces. Using command line interface it would be possible to execute WM actions like closing windows, maximize, minimize, restore, shade and many others.
gpTrace Trace the activities of an external application.
CPUCompare A GTK+ application to make comparisons between CPU models.
Remmina Plugin Builder A package to ease the development and the compilation of Remmina plugins.
Remmina Plugin Exec A Remmina protocol plugin to execute an external process.
Remmina Plugin Folder A Remmina protocol plugin to open a folder using an external file manager application.
Remmina Plugin Open A Remmina protocol plugin to open a file or document using its associated application.
Remmina Plugin RDesktop A Remmina protocol plugin to establish RDP connection through RDesktop.
Remmina Plugin TeamViewer A Remmina protocol plugin to establish connections through TeamViewer.
Remmina Plugin UltraVNC A Remmina protocol plugin to establish connections through UltraVNC.
Remmina Plugin URL A Remmina protocol plugin to open web pages through an external web browser.
Remmina Plugin WebKit A Remmina protocol plugin to open web pages through an integrated WebKit web browser.