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Gnome Display Manager - gdm

Fonts missing when typing password

Install the ttf-ms-fonts or/and ttf-bitstream-vera packages. These are proprietry, and that is why they are not a dependency for GDM

DVD and xine

DVD ( dvd ) playback is choppy / jerky / slow in xine

At the time of writing, 11-06-2006, the xine-lib binary package provided by archlinux does not have xv support compiled into it. This solution is taken directly from this post in the Arch forums here

1. Check your /etc/abs/abs.conf file to ensure it includes the "current" repo. "arch" is the synonym for "current". You should see this in the file as

"arch":SUPFILES=(arch extra !unstable !community)

2. root@yourarchlinux$ abs #Run abs as root

3. root@yourarchlinux$ cd /var/abs/multimedia/xine-lib/

4. root@yourarchlinux$ pacman -S imagemagick #If you don't have imagemagick installed, get it

5. root@yourarchlinux$ makepkg #To get, compile and package xine-lib

5. root@yourarchlinux$ pacman -U xine-lib* #To install your newly compiled xine-lib packages

Many thanks to tale from the forums for this solution

Sound Juicer

Files for lossy ( ogg / vorbis ) format are far too big, and don't play

This problem is a collision of two mistakes:

1. The programmers of Sound-Juicer have neglected to generate an error to the user when the gstreamer plugin for the ogg-vorbis format is not present. Sound-Juicer instead generates large files which I think might be .flac format.

2. The package maintainer for Sound-Juicer has not included the ogg-vorbis gstreamer plugin as a runtime pre-requisite. The latter should be easily fixed and I should follow it up.

The solution is to install these packages from [extra]:



Elisa Media Centre

If you just installed elisa with:

pacman -S elisa

and upon running it find nothing loads, you're probably missing


Run elisa from a terminal to find out if this is the case. To solve the problem need to just install twisted from the extra repository. You might also be missing:


the python image library. Same solution applies.

Where is ...

Looking for a program or script, but can't figure out which package it's in, try here. If no luck, try teh forums.

oggenc --> vorbis-tools #don't forget that if a program uses gstreamer you might need gstreamer plugins aswell

gnome-screenshot --> gnome-utils #This is in extra, and allows you to just press PrtSc in gnome for a screenshot

glxgears --> mesa-apps # this is in current.

network-manager --> networkmanager, also the gui app gnome-network-manager is good.