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indicator-powersaveAUR is a fork of indicator-cpufreq with additional toggles for system-wide powersaving.

It is not a detailed reporting tool like powertop, nor an automated manager like tlp, but a user-discretion power-management utility. It is intended to be small, simple, and highly effective.

The frontend is an indicator: indicator_powersave.jpg The first menu item, "System Throttle", enables or disables powersaving options system-wide, including setting hyperthreads on or off, setting the CPU governor, enabling or disabling P-State Turbo, and setting all runtime power-managment attributes. This is handy for setting low-power mode during idle or unintensive use, then setting full-power mode for latency-sensitive and high-throughput use such as audio/video production, gaming, benchmarking, etc. In combination with indicator-sensors, it is also useful for thermal management (setting "cut" can decrease both CPU and chassis temperature dramatically). The backend is a bash script: /usr/bin/throttle