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Amateur Linux enthusiast, with some C, Python and Pascal-- trying to get certified to do IT work.

My daily driver is Arch with the Calm Window Manager, but I'm keenly watching the Artix project and I do have a dualboot into Artix set up on my laptop--haven't used it much. The programs that make up my desktop environment are:

  • cwm -- not very customizable but it does most of what I want out of the box.
  • Sakura Terminal -- Not very minimal but very usable and modern
  • PCManFM -- Both minimal and usable.
  • Nitrogen -- sets the root window background; I have found it to be glitchy in certain cases.
  • i3status & xmobar -- I find the two together a useful combination for displaying pertinent information elegantly
  • twmnd -- Notification daemon, designed for tiling WM's but equally applicable here.
  • Xbindkeys -- for the shortcuts CWM won't bind or bound to commands that CWM won't execute
  • xdotool -- HIGHLY UNDERRATED
  • Compton-old -- For some reason Picom doesn't work the same with CWM. Sue me.
  • Rofi -- Can't stand dmenu
  • xmenu -- For a programs menu bound to the right Alt key.