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nmh (new message handler), is a powerful electronic mail handling system. Following the Unix Philosophy, nmh is made up by a collection of simple programs each of which has a single purpose. This architecture allows the user to intersperse nmh with other commands at the shell prompt and to write scripts tailored to their needs.


Install nmhAUR or nmh-gitAUR from the AUR.


nmh is extensively configurable in a variety of ways. The primary of these is the .mh_profile file in the user's home directory.


Some of the prgrams that make up nmh:

Command Description
inc Incorporate new mail.
scan Scan the contents of the current folder.
folder/folders Change the current folder or list folders and their contents.
show Display messages.
comp Compose a new message.
repl Reply to a message.
refile Move a message to another folder.

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