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US College Student here. Been a fan of Linux for a while, and absolutely loving Arch.

Currently managing 2 Arch boxes: a home server/router and my laptop.

Server's running Arch-x86, using iptables for routing. Nothing special for a firewall, just careful service management. Apache, CUPS, SSH, dnsmasq. No X, more or less headless. Works great. Was easy to set up, haven't had any trouble. Nothing special hardware-wise; not really a server system, but that hasn't caused a problem.

Laptop's been (and is) a lot of fun. Running Arch-x64. Started before the multilib repo was set up; used yaourt to get my flash player working. Openbox with bbpager, conky, and stalonetray for my desktop, also using dzen, dmenu, feh. Some other packages: rxvt-unicode-256color, pidgin, chromium, wicd. Power managment: acpid, pm-utils (hibernate works great, suspend to ram's not yet) and cpufrequtils.

Also: bash-completion and (of course) vim.