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install LineageOS on galaxy s5

  • install android SDK for adb
  • install heimdall, see
    heimdall flash --RECOVERY android/twrp-3.4.0-0-klte.img --no-reboot
  • disconnect wires. go into download mode (Vol Down + Power + Home Key)
  • on loading screen, connect USB wire to computer and install recovery image via heimdall
  • load the phone into recovery rode (Vol Up + Power + Home Key), sideload lineage, open_gapps-arm 32 bit
     adb sideload android/
     adb sideload android/
  • reboot

get original samsung firmware with samloader, for more information check Download Samsung Firmware Update Files.

> .local/bin/samloader -m SM-T580 -r AUT checkupdate
> .local/bin/samloader -m SM-T580 -r AUT download -v T580XXS5CTK1/T580AUT5CTK1/T580XXS5CTK1/T580XXS5CTK1 -O android/tab-a/
> .local/bin/samloader -m SM-T580 -r AUT decrypt -v T580XXS5CTK1/T580AUT5CTK1/T580XXS5CTK1/T580XXS5CTK1 -V 4 -i android/tab-a/ -o android/tab-a/