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Emacsy Applications

List of Applications for Emacs-Lovers.


  • Conkeror — A highly programmable web browser based on Mozilla XULRunner. (emacsy feature: keybindings) || conkeror


  • Awesome — Using the keychain-library by Nicholas Berthier you get some nice emacs-style bindings. (emacsy feature: keybindings) || awesome
  • Ratpoison — Ratpoison is a minimalistic windowmanager which can be controlled 100% through keyboard. (emacsy feature: keybindings) || ratpoison
  • Sawfish — Floating windowmanager which can be configured in rep-gtk. (emacsy feature: rep-gtk is a lisp-dialect similar to elisp) || sawfish
  • Stumpwm — Stumpwm is Ratpoison rewritten and improved in common lisp. (emacsy feature: keybindings + common lisp) || stumpwm-gitAUR