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Devtools contains tools for package maintenance in Arch Linux. The toolset varies from tools for building packages in a clean chroot (mkarchroot,...), packaging related tools for sonames (sogrep, lddd) and tools for repository management such as (archco, extra2community) .


The list below gives a short overview; see the respective documentation for details.

checkpkg Compare the current build pakcage with the repository version

find-libdepsFind soname dependencies for a package

find-libprovides Find soname’s which are provided by a package

lddd Find broken library links on your system

makerepropkg Rebuild a package to see if it is reproducible

mkarchroot Creates an arch chroot in a specified location with a specified set of packages

offload-build Build a PKGBUILD on a remote server using makechrootpkg

sogrep Find packages using a linked to a given shared library