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Installing Brutal Doom on Arch Linux using gzdoom

There is a brutal-doom package on the AUR but it's a little bit outdated and I don't see the point of having two .ini files when you can just modify gzdoom directly.

1) In your user's /home folder as a regular user (not root or sudo), download gzdoom-gitAUR from the AUR:

   curl -o gzdoom-git.tar.gz

2) In-game sound

   pacman -S openal

This is for in-game sound for the 3D audio, somehow this point was not adequately stressed and only mentioned inside the PKGBUILD for gzdoom-git.

3) Building the code

   tar xvf 
   cd gzdoom-git
   less PKGBUILD
   makepkg -si

Since AUR typically does not have package signing, and I want to at least check the integrity of the download, I searched the url on Virus Total or Online-Convert and compared the SHA256 there with the results from sha256sum. This does not confirm authenticity just that the file is the same as the server.

4) Acquire WAD files for DOOM (it must be the registered WADs for Doom or Doom2), doom.wad or doom2.wad. Place them in a created folder /usr/share/games/brutal-doom.

5) Download the .zip file containing the .pk3 for the latest Brutal Doom. As of January 2018 that is "Brutal Doom v21 Public Beta Jan 02 2018". You may need to pacman -S unzip.

Optionally you can acquire some metal music for the gameplay here (must be placed in brutal-doom folder):

6) Change ~/.config/gzdoom/gzdoom.ini as follows (the Search.Directories mentioned are the only directories needed):












vid_defheight=<height in pixels>

vid_defwidth=<width in pixels>

<height in pixels> and <width in pixels> should be roughly the size of your screen resolution or preferred size.

The folder permissions for the created folder and files (all the files inside the brutal-doom directory):

   drwxr-xr-x root root brutal-doom
   -rw-r--r-- root root <files in directory>

7) To start the program: