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To Do

The following needs to happen before this can go into main space (if it ever does):

  • (Added 23-Sep-2017) Consider adding a tikiwiki-lts-lag package as well, that would avoid the first few LTS point releases. (Abandoned for now)
  • (Added 27-Sep-2017) Need to test building the packages in a fresh Arch, so that any missing makedepends can be found. (Done 28-Sep-2017)
  • Need to go through at least one minor and one major upgrade to Tiki, since there are very likely caveats and possibly updates needed to the .install files as well. (Done 02-Oct-2017)
  • Need to do a first setup in a fresh Arch, so that any missing prerequisites can be found. (Done 27-Sep-2017)
  • Need to update the packages to reflect best package practice (e.g. should install to /usr/share/webapps/ with a redirect file, not /srv/http/). (Done 07-Oct-2017)
  • (Added 05-Oct-2017) Need to look at Permission Check details (relates to (Done 06-Oct-2017)
  • Is there a way to do the configuration that doesn't involve running Composer with privileges when fixing permissions etc.? (Done 17-Feb-2018)
  • Need to run it in this configuration for "awhile" to see if anything strange comes up (this was on hold until Tiki 18.0 came out, will be looking at in the near future).
  • Need to put the packages on AUR (requires [a] learning Git and [b] a commitment to keep them updated there).

This list will be updated (and added to) as appropriate. aexoxea (talk) 03:37, 10 September 2017 (UTC)