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Edit to systemd/Timers

Thanks for your edit to the Systemd/Timers page, I hadn't noticed Lennart's response to bug 82084. I have, however, reverted your changes for a couple of reasons.

  • This was not a minor edit (See: Wikipedia help-minor edit), this should only be used for edits that are superficial and indisputable.
  • The RandomWhateverItsCalled feature is not in the current version of systemd (228) so the issue still stands.
  • The RandomWhateverItsCalled features current name is disputed, See: this question for Lennart and...
  • Please take a look at the articles talk page before doing any edits like this, there was already some info about the topic.

Not your fault, Lennart's closing of the bug, possibly with the wrong name certainly didn't help, but until the feature is in the current version of systemd and the whole name thing is sorted out, I think that part should be left as it. Cheers Alux (talk) 00:35, 3 February 2016 (UTC)