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Supplementary netcfg documentation

I've been trying to update and improve the Network Profiles wiki article as of late, and think a complete dictionary of valid profile options would be beneficial. I notice such a dictionary exists in the netcfg Git repo ( and, but these files are not included with the package.

  1. are they current?
  2. do you mind if they are copied and included on this wiki?


-- pointone 14:14, 3 March 2010 (EST)

netcfg red warning box

I see you added on the netcfg page a warning box at the beginning, which confused me, in revision

Since I see nothing explanatory in the commit log, could you comment on my suggestion about it? at

Thanks! Idupree 18:54, 6 March 2010 (EST)

Also! :-)

the Network Scripts page looks like a 2 year old version of this, and Network Profiles development (sounded to me from the title like it was about developing the netcfg implementation but) looks like it's maybe a sandbox you use for updates to the Network Profiles page. Should they be marked as outdated/unofficial or deleted/moved? Luckily nothing important links to them, but they have sort-of-official-sounding names and the search box quickly found them...