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Latest comment: 1 March 2015 by Soukyuu in topic PulseAudio surround

PulseAudio surround

Hi, the broken link for which you provided a workaround pointed to a section which has been renamed: PulseAudio/Examples#Set the defaulting output source. Does it still contain relevant information or is your workaround necessary? -- Lahwaacz (talk) 21:56, 1 March 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I tried using the info in that link, but I couldn't start pulseaudio until I followed the steps I described in my workaround. I am not sure if it was due to user error, or the old workaround is not valid anymore, though. Soukyuu (talk) 22:03, 1 March 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Well, I don't have the hardware to test it myself, so I'll leave it at your discretion. -- Lahwaacz (talk) 22:11, 1 March 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I've restored and added it as an alternative, just in case. Thanks for the new link. Soukyuu (talk) 22:29, 1 March 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]