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OpenChange Sieve Configuration

Thanks for adding Sieve and NGinX configs! Can you see any reason not to add the sieve config directly to the lmtp.conf the first time it is created rather than editing it later? Maybe just assume sieve will be installed. If you want it optional, which I don't think is necessary (but with the addition of NGinX the page is not rigid now anyway - and that is a good thing), you could add a note (comment) in the file to comment out the next line and the last section? OT: I'd like to see your results when using the AS plugin with NGinX too. I haven't added it yet because it is a real drain on Apache. I mean, it works well enough, but some tuning in httpd is definitely necessary else SOGo's web UI is a complete slug when AS is enabled. DJ L (talk)

I Just don't wanted to edit your configs, because my feelings are like: "You know what to do and I only hack some workarounds". I generally think it's a good idea to merge sieve in the lmtp config, because without sieve sogo weren't able to save Settings and abort the save and close with: "This service is temporarily not available" (or something like this).
To the OT: point I'll try active sync this week and will give you feedback.
Exchange won't work because ocsmanager need /usr/sbin/paster to start. But I don't have paster. Even goolge don't knows anything about paster...
Active Sync didn't work and need more config work