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Telegram Group link has been removed / 电报讨论群链接已被移除

Hi Zod,

I'm WhiredPlanck, also a Arch Wiki contributor. I noticed that you have added a Telegram third-party (just an expression) discuss group link in the Installation guide (简体中文) page, which is inappropriate for such a formal article. So recently I just remove it. In my perspective, translating a Wiki page usually asks contributors to follow the source text as much as possible. Besides, attaching such a link here can be considered a symbol of 'advertising' unless your group has been officially recognized and accepted (but even #archlinux-cn isn't so). Even so, the link of this kind should not be added here.



你好,我是 WhiredPlanck,也是一名 Arch Wiki 贡献者。我注意到您在 Installation guide (简体中文) 一文里添加了您自己的第三方(只是我自己的一种形容)电报讨论群链接,在这样官方且正式的文章是不合适的。所以最近我直接删掉了它。在我看来,翻译 Wiki 页面通常要求贡献者尽可能地忠实于原文。除此之外,在这里加上这样的链接实有“打广告”的嫌疑,除非讨论群被官方认可(但甚至 #archlinux-cn 都没此类待遇)。即使那样,这样的链接也不应该添加在这个地方。


Whiredplanck (talk) 13:41, 27 November 2020 (UTC)