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WIM (Microsoft Windows Imaging Format) is a file-based disk image format for Windows. It is often used in Windows installers.


On Linux, install wimlib to work on these files.

View information

To view information about the WIM file (including but not limited to: name, index, etc…), use:

$ wiminfo image_file


WIM as an image file can be mounted with the following command

Read-only mount

# wimmount image_file index directory

Mount as read/write

# winmountrw image_file index directory


# wimumount directory --commit

to apply the changes in the read-write mount.

Warning: No changes will be applied without the --commit parameter.

Directory structure

To view the directory structure of a WIM image, use:

# wimdir image_file index

Extract the image

To extract the full image, do:

# wimapply image_file index target_directory


The Windows ISO is larger than 4GiB, so it cannot be copied to a boot disk formatted with the FAT32 file system, you will need to compress install.wim to do this:

# wimlib-imagex optimize install.wim --solid