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Yandex Disk is a free cloud storage service created by Yandex that gives you access to your photos, videos and documents from any internet-enabled device. The Yandex Disk client console lets you:

  • synchronize files and folders with your Disk,
  • get public links to files and folders,
  • customize folder syncing.


yandex-diskAUR client for Linux can be installed in from the AUR. Note that it is a CLI client - there is no official GUI for it at the moment. For alternatives see #Unofficial clients.

To setup your proxy, user and local folder, enter

$ yandex-disk setup

Syncing will start after completing this step, now you are ready to use Yandex Disk.


You can manage your folder using any filemanager or console.

Full list of commands is available in man yandex-disk or using

$ yandex-disk --help

Here are some examples of use:

  • setup - Launch the setup wizard.
  • start - Launch as daemon and start syncing folders. The current sync status is recorded in the file ".sync/status".
  • stop - stop daemon.
  • status - show daemon status: sync status, errors, recently synced files, disk space status. If FILE is shown, the status for this file will be returned.
  • token - receive OAuth token, encode and save it in a special file (by default - /.config/yandex-disk/passwd). If the options -p PASSWORD or --password PASSWORD are not shown, then the password must be entered from STDIN.
  • sync - sync the folder and log out (if the daemon is running, wait for syncing to finish).
  • publish - make the file/folder public and remove the link to STDOUT. The item will be copied to the sync folder. Use the option --overwrite to rewrite existing items.
  • unpublish - removes public access to the file/folder.

Unofficial clients

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