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Telegram 是一种基于云的跨平台即时消息服务,具有可选的端到端加密。创建帐户需要手机号。



在 Arch Linux 上,你可以这样使用 Telegram:









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GTK dialogs in Telegram Desktop

If you want to use GTK file dialogs instead of Qt ones, set QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME environment variable to gtk3.

SVG icon theme in Telegram Desktop

If you want to use an icon theme based on svg image (e.g. papirus-icon-theme) install qt5-svg. See Qt#Icon theme is not applied for details.

Wayland 支持

参见 Wayland#Qt

xdg-open in Telegram Desktop

If you want to use xdg-open on links and receive an error not finding a handler for tg:

xdg-mime default telegramdesktop.desktop application/x-xdg-protocol-tg
xdg-mime default telegramdesktop.desktop x-scheme-handler/tg

Failed to set real-time priority for thread: Operation not permitted

If you get the following error

$ telegram-desktop
[ALSOFT] (EE) Failed to set real-time priority for thread: Operation not permitted (1)

Install realtime-privileges, add yourself to the realtime group and reboot. See Realtime process management#Configuring PAM for details.


如果你系统启用了 QT 缩放,需要单独针对 Telegram 关闭 QT 缩放(假设你是 KDE,编辑 $HOME/.local/share/applications/telegramdesktop.desktop):

Exec=QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS= telegram-desktop -- %u

HiDPI 缩放

如果系统启用了 QT 缩放,可能需要单独针对 Telegram 关闭 高 DPI 缩放

Copy desktop entry to user-specific folder,

cp /usr/share/applications/telegramdesktop.desktop $HOME/.local/share/applications/telegramdesktop-no-scaling.desktop

Edit Exec= line as follows,

Exec=env -u QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS telegram-desktop -- %u

You may need to update database of desktop entries.


As Telegram makes use of OpenAL, it is possible to configure the audio settings by editing its config files, i.e. ~/.config/alsoft.conf, or the environment variables listed here.

In case sound is not working due to an invalid audio backend being used, it can be overwritten by setting the environment variable ALSOFT_DRIVERS or the drivers property in the [general] section of the OpenAL config. The drivers value "pulse," for example would try pulseaudio first and then fallback to the default driver list.

Choose correct web camera

Telegram version 3.7.1 does not allow to select the web camera to use in video conference. If you want to force telegram to use a different camera, as a workaround you can disable the unwanted camera device as described in [1].

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