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This page is a work in progress guide to running Arch Linux on the Acer C7 Chromebook.

Over seven models exist.


Go to the Chromebook page, read the Introduction and continue by following the Installation guide.

Post Installation Configuration

For information on general Chromebook post installation configuration (hotkeys, power key handling ...) see the Post installation configuration on the Chromebook page.

Disabling The Hardware Write Protection

Warning: This section is a work in progress following it while this warning still exists will probably leave you with a non working system.

You would need an aluminium foil to short the hardware write-protection jumper.

Disabling steps

  • bridge write protect jumper
    • disconnect power cord and battery
    • void warrenty by removing base cover screw (pictured)
    • bridge jumper with tin foil (pictured)

Enabling steps

    • remove power, battery, base cover and foil, replace base cover, battery, power

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