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Reason: The ArchMap/List page was deleted due to privacy concerns. If the project is not restarted elsewhere, this page will be archived. (Discuss in Talk:ArchMap#Project deletion)

The ArchMap project creates a map of Arch Linux users all over the world.


ArchMap was originally created by User:xterminus. He created jpeg files that could be downloaded from this page. However, he didn't have the time to maintain them anymore, so he dropped the project.

When Google Earth for Linux was released, User:brain0 recreated the project.

The third version of ArchMap was based on Google Maps.

The current version was started by User:Alux with help from User:Kyrias and User:Fsckd.


Here are some screenshots of how it used to look:


archmap is a python script that can generate GeoJSON, KML and CSV files by parsing this list of Arch Linux users.

Note: ArchMap is currently under development on GitHub. If you have any suggestions, please post them in the forums or create an issue in the repository.

The documentation is hosted by


Arch Women host pre-generated GeoJSON, KML and CSV files as well as the re-formatted raw list that are made by archmap. These files are updated four times a day at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00 UTC [1] and are used to make the maps below.

OpenStreetMap is "a fast, simple tool to create, change, and publish maps", it uses OpenStreetMap as a base-layer. This link will pull the GeoJSON file from the Arch Women server and open it up for editing on the site.

Google Earth

You can add the coordinates to Google Earth permanently:

You can refresh the data by right-clicking the ArchMap folder and selecting Refresh.

User Generated Maps

This map created by Eray Aydın on 24.08.2016

This map is updated daily (around 10:00am UTC) using the ArchMap script. The KML data used to render the map is available here[dead link 2020-03-28 ⓘ], the raw users list is here[dead link 2020-03-28 ⓘ].

Some other renderings of the data are hosted by CartoDB and MapBox[dead link 2020-12-19 ⓘ]. However, these may be out of date as they have to be updated manually by alux importing the GeoJSON file.

List yourself

Go to the ArchMap List page, follow the instructions, then use the [edit] button to add yourself to the map.